Flip-Action Fanny Pack Organizer!

flip fanny pack

Sweeeeeeet! FINALLY a fanny pack that allows me to organize and keep track of all my credit cards during those long leisurely strolls around the mall.

*BONUS: When I go out clubbin' on the weekendz, it allows me to
easily access to my fake ID so I can flash it to the bouncer and be like "yeea, im gud. im on the da list." ..den he's all like "yeeeah u iz." ..then i pull out my iPhone from the front zipper pocket and text my loser chump friendz "psh! i got in quicker then u's!" and thur all like "OMG! how did u doit?" and im like "flip+pack=BAMF!" and then i proceed to make it rain in da club, pullin bennies outta my FP and throwin down. get one. PEACE

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