Don't Mess with the Fanny Pack

handgun fanny pack concealed carry

Be careful who you criticize for sporting a fanny pack! You never know what the wearer might be carrying in it! Nowadays many fanny packs have been developed for concealing weapons like handguns, brass knuckles, silver daggers, mini-crossbows, blow darts, battle-axes, pepper spray, tasers, porcupines, and venomous snakes! And you thought fanny packs were just for old farts, tourists, tacky fashion shows, and people stuck in 1991! Well I just proved you wrong! Even Chuck Norris wears a fanny pack!

spiderman fanny pack

Just in case a fanny pack falls into the wrong hands, Spiderman always comes to the scene prepared to take on the adversary with a well stocked fanny pack full of hurt!

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