Fanny Packs = Sooo Cliché...

What we have here is an all too familiar site that is ruining the reputation of the fanny pack, as well as the reputation of many popular tourist destinations, i.e. EPCOT and the like. Why must the fanny pack's usage be restricted to only tourism and travel? A fanny pack's capabilties can meet a much wider array of applications aside from carrying whatever it is you tourists carry in your fanny packs that you don't carry anywhere else. Camera's have their own case. Purses and/or wallets are more than qualified to carry your money. From the looks of it, water bottles even have their own belt mounted holsters now! And what is that hanging off of Dingleberry's yellow shirt (at least he didn't pop his collar!)? A bag of popcorn? A sack of potatoes? Whatever. The public deserves to know what is in that fanny pack! And my point is (if I have one) is that fanny packs should be used in EVERY DAY life, not just when going someplace new. It just doesn't make any sense! What items do you need to carry on vacation that you don't need to carry every day? Please tell me! Thanks.

epcot tourist fanny pack

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