Fanny Pack Keg Stand!

Thom emailed me a wonderful picture the other day... here is the backstory

So that's Thom's brother (upside down gripping the keg). And that's his 74 year old Dad holding him up. The photo was taken at a party in their back yard.

Now stop giving Matt a hard time for wearing that fanny pack! He needs a safe place to keep all his tools, bottle openers, lighters, and all other kinds of TRINKETS!

Thom even started a Facebook page called "Uncle Matt's Fanny Pack."  Check it out!

Did u remember to wear ur 4th of July fanny pack?!

So between keeping all of your fingers, limbs, facial features, and eyebrows successfully in tact last night, I hope you didn't forget to sport your patriotic fanny pack for the 4th of July!  It's great for carrying lit sparklers, roman candles, and bottle rockets! Hands free!

@marinabarrett7 caught some sweet sweet fanny!

A lil to the front
A lil to the side
It dun matteh  wur
You let yur fanny pack ride!

"Why hello, ladies! I caught you checkin out my fanny pack from across the way and thought I'd stop over for a quick chitty chat chat!"

Keith's Fanny Pack TATTOO!

Check out Keith's new Fanny Pack Tattoo! He got it on his upper ....arm, lower ankle, some mysterious body part? I'm hoping... You know, I used to think tattoos were pretty lame and purposeless, but this, THIS is a fine work of art! I commend you, Keith, for suffering through all that crazy needle action to support the movement. You, sir, are a knight in my book.

Thanks, Ron, for submitting your friend's glory!